The Ancient Egyptian Goddess, Selket, is a strong archetype in my life and work.    My ceramic studio is named Selket Studio to honor the magic of transforming clay into decorative and functional vessels (  My consulting practice bears her name to acknowledge that we all carry the cause and the cure within ourselves.  This wisdom compels us to look to our selves for answers, and empowers us to actively create the lives we desire. 

My own path has had many transformations.  My creativity and organizational abilities have been the common thread through all of my endeavors.  As well as being an artist and an astrologer, I am a professional in the corporate world.  I have held positions as Chief Administrative Officer, Director of Human Resources, Office Manager, Project Manager, and Executive Assistant in several fields including Asset Management and Corporate Licensing.    

Another area of expertise is my lifelong interest in wellness through alternative healing modalities, diet, and nutrition.  I successfully completed an intensive training program in Green Medicine at the NY Open Center and actively continue to deepen my knowledge of herbal medicine and homeopathy.  I have also studied Bach Flower Remedies.  In January 2016, I earned certification in the ancient Japanese energy healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.  I believe strongly that we can positively impact our vitality and health through diet, herbs and energy work. 


I am a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and hold a B.A. in Liberal Arts with a focus in Psychology Mythology, and Ceramic Art.  I also spent one year at Syracuse University, Newhouse School of Communications.  After college, I pursued acting for several years performing in television & radio commercials, industrial films, and soap operas.


Ancient Egyptian Goddess

of transformation, magic and healing.  She embodies the mysteries of life, death and rebirth.   She is the Scorpion Goddess who rules over all poisonous creatures representing both the venom and the antidote.

Selket Consulting

creativity in

astrology, organization, and transformation