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Welcome to my website! 

My name is Lisa Karmen and it would be my pleasure to share the wisdom of astrology with you.  Astrology is the study of cycles and timing; a science and an art that offers guidance and insight.  It is a mirror that reflects our true selves and our experiences without the bias of family and/or cultural programming. 

Astrology inspires consciousness and deepens self awareness.   Everyone has a unique astrological birth chart that provides a constant frame of reference.  Consulting one’s chart reveals the energies operating in an individual’s life.  While the birth chart is fixed, the planets continue to move in their orbits.  The correlation between the moving planets and an individual’s birth chart reveals dynamics at work during specific times in one’s life.  Thus, astrology is a perpetual resource for greater self knowledge and for guidance through times of change.

In the twenty years I have been practicing, I have seen the symbolism and language of astrology provide comfort and confirmation in the lives of many clients as well as found solace myself when faced with life’s challenges. 

Astrology catalyzes a dialogue of discovery.  Consulting your astrological chart helps you learn to listen to your own rhythm and to trust your intuition to figure out the steps you can take to energize your personal and/or professional life.  Astrology helps to integrate intellectual endeavors, spirituality, wellness, and creativity in these evolutionary times.

Astrology as psychological guide, not as predictive technique, is the GPS for the 21st Century.